Ness Point in Lowestoft, the Most Easterly Place in the UK

Welcome to, the official Ness Point Website. Ness Point is the most easterly point in the United Kingdom and is located in the historic and cultural town of Lowestoft in Suffolk.


These are very exciting times for both Lowestoft and Ness Point, as Suffolk County Council and Waveney District Council aim to make Lowestoft one of the leading areas in the UK for the renewable energy industry. This renewable energy boom started with the completion and installation of the UK’s Largest Wind Turbine, known locally as Gulliver, in 2005, and Lowestoft became home to the wonderfully designed and constructed OrbisEnergy Centre, home to a variety of businesses involved in the renewable energy sector. This sleek, contemporary building is situated right next to Ness Point and will help to further bolster Lowestoft’s renewable energy industry.


The local council has come under scrutiny over recent years for its perceived lack of tourist development at Ness Point and it is no surprise that many visitors often feel disappointed when they come to see Ness Point. Currently all there is for a tourist to see apart from the wonderful sea views is the Euroscope {pictured above] which some people have called a ‘thing on the floor’. We’re always keen to hear your suggestions for new ideas for Ness Point, so if you’ve been struck by easterly inspiration, drop us a line and let us know. would like assist the local councils in making Ness Point a tourist attraction that is worthy of its status as the most easterly place in the UK. We will be talking with officials over the coming months and seeing how we can assist with future developments of Ness Point and we also have a Ness Point Suggestions Page, where you can let people know your thoughts on what should be done with Ness Point.


The official Ness Point website aims to inform people about Ness Point, the history of Ness Point, display images of Ness Point, what to do at Ness Point, as well provide information about the Gulliver Wind Turbine and the OrbisEnergy Centre. You can also find some useful tourist information about Lowestoft and Suffolk as well as a helpful page for places to stay in Lowestoft.


The two best websites to seek further information about Lowestoft are Love Lowestoft, which provides all the information a tourist to the town could require and Lowestoft Pages, which has all contact details for every business in Lowestoft as well as local news and events.


So if you’ve been looking for information on Ness Point, things to do at Ness Point, or you have an idea which you think would turn this unloved spot into the national landmark it deserves to be, you’ve come to the right place.