Lizard Point is the most southerly place in the UK

The Most southerly place in the UK [except for the Isles of Scilly] is Lizard Point in Cornwall: 49°57′N, 5°12′W. There are no inhabitants situated directly on Lizard Point much like Ness Point, however, there are some very small villages of The Lizard and Landewednack which are located about half a mile north of Lizard Point.

Lizard Point is often the starting point for many ships beginning their ocean passage and is a very notorious shipping hazard. Lizard Points most famous fact is that it was the first place to catch as sighting of the Spanish Armada on mainland Britain at 3pm on the 29 July 1588. This was one of the greatest invasion fleets in the whole of history and consisted of a whopping 120 ships with 29,000 men on board in total.

More recently on the 15th of January 2004, a French fishing trawler, namely Bugaled Breizh, was sunk off Lizard Point with the loss of five lives. There were no initial claims at the time by French marine accident experts that the vessel may have been pulled under when the ships nets became tangled in a British or Dutch submarine who were conducting NATO exercises in the area at the time.