Most easterly place in Europe is Sulina in Romania

Ness Point might be the most easterly point in Britain, but what is the most easterly point in Europe?

The Most easterly place in Europe [not including Russia] is Sulina in Romania: 45°09′N, 29°40′E. Sulina is a town of free Port and is situated at the mouth of the Danube and is the easternmost point of Romania.

Sulina was once a very prosperous shipping port and important shipyard, from the years 1856 to 1939; however in recent years Sulina has become a disadvantaged location, with an estimated 40% and rising rate of unemployment in 2004, this is approximately seven times higher than the Romanian average.

Although Ness Point has been criticized for its lack of tourist facilities, it’s still a huge improvement over Sulina. While Sulina does have a rather attractive lighthouse, the east point itself is barely marked.

Romania is undoubtedly a beautiful country, and the Sulina lighthouse is worth a snap, but the town itself is not exactly a popular tourist location, so if you’re hankering after that easterly feeling, we think you’d be much better off coming to Lowestoft on holiday instead.