The Euroscope @ Ness Point

The Euroscope feature that is currently positioned at Ness Point was erected in the 1990’s and is a humble but delightfully novel addition to what is an otherwise simple piece of concreted land.

The Euroscope plaque at Ness point shows that Lowestoft is the most easterly town in the British Isles and is essentially a circle of plaques showing mileages to various points in the British Isles and Europe, including the most westerly, southerly and northerly parts of the United Kingdom.

This piece of art shows that Lowestoft lies 465 miles from Dunnet Head the most northerly point and 352 miles from the Lizard the most southerly
point in the British Isles.

The Euroscope is a lovely piece of informational art to have at Ness Point. However, it is felt by many of the towns residents that Ness Points importance is so great that something more should be present at this tourist hotspot, other than just the euroscope.

We would hope that by making Ness Point a more attractive area we could stop comments such as below [which are made on the BBC website].
“Lowestoft’s sole claim to fame is Ness Point. Avoid it. It is home to the UK’s Most Easterly Rubbish Tip, Gasometer and Sewage Works and the
local council fervently wishes that it were not there at all, because foolish tourists come to see the Most Easterly Point and go away laughing or crying or both. It is also home to the Euroscope, a large concrete and metal wheel showing the approximate bearings and distances to places in the civilised world, but few tourists ever see it because it is not signposted at all.”
P.S. Ness Point will make this journalist eat his words soon!