What is Ness Point? and the History of Ness Point

Ness Point or Lowestoft point as it was formerly known is located adjacent to Gas Works Road, is officially the most easterly point of the United Kingdom and of the British Isles

Ness Point known has been understood to be the most easterly point in the whole of the united kingdom since the early 19th century. It is said that Sir Samuel Morton Peto, often came to Ness Point to mull over his plans for the town on which he was largely responsible for the development of in the early 19th century. It is said that he felt happier knowing that there was nobody further east than he, when searching for inspirational ideas.

Many different buildings and developments have been situated near to Ness Point over the years, everything from industrial units, Sewage works and there if of course the Birdseye factory.

Debate has always been rife in Lowestoft as to what should be done with Ness Point and most people in the town will have an opinion on the matter. Of recent years the Euroscope feature was added to give tourists and townsfolk alike something to do whilst visiting this historic area. The recent Redevelopment of parts of Lowestoft was carried out by the Waveney Sunrise Scheme and this quango were planning on doing something interesting with Ness Point, but nothing eventually materialise unfortunately, as you with see form the link.

Future of Lowestoft’s Ness Point


This particular part of Lowestoft is currently undergoing a massive re-development programme in the wake of the soon to be opened multi £million OrbisEnergy Business Centre, so now is the perfect opportunity to create something special & memorable at Ness Point.