OrbisEnergy Renewable Energy Business Centre

Over the next decade around £8billion will be invested along the East coast into the offshore renewable energy industry.

At the centre of this excellent business opportunity in the renewable energy sector, producing multi-million pound contracts will be OrbisEnergy, which is a very modern 5 storey construction located on the UK’s most easterly point, our very own Ness Point, in Lowestoft.

OrbisEnergy is more than just the building itself, this exiting project will assist in driving local regeneration, as well as giving suppliers and investors direct access to a dedicated business network, and it certainly makes sense to have as many renewable energy businesses in the same place as possible so that they can work together.

The area off the east coast of the UK is emerging as the international place of choice for large-scale offshore wind farms, this means that the OrbisEnergy centre will become the flagship for businesses keen to take advantage of the economic benefits from offshore wind, wave and
tidal technologies.

The Orbis Renewable Energy Centre has been designed and constructed using state of the art environmentally friendly technology, meaning that this 3,300 square metre building will be an international centre of excellence for offshore renewable energy businesses.

The five floor building features adaptable cutting edge offices, conference and exhibition facilities, as well as high-tech communications links. The OrbisCentre will soon become home to more than 30 small & medium sized companies who are involved in offshore renewable energy, as well as a centre of academic expertise, supporting new and existing businesses within an ever expanding commercial and information network.

Find out more about the OrbisEnegy Centre?

There are plenty of business opportunities within the Orbis Renewable Energy Centre. OrbisEnergy will be the flagship building for renewable wind, wave and tidal power across the East of England and will deliver flexible office, boardroom and conferencing facilities for more than 30 small and medium sized companies involved in the energy industry sector.

The centre is built over five storeys and will aim to bring together engineering companies, suppliers, service providers and private investors, to help generate work, projects and contracts.

The OrbisEnergy building is a very unique design, incorporating a stunning glass atrium, to simple informal meeting and social spaces, which make OrbisEnergy the perfect environment for generating ideas and for effective networking.

The UK’s newest reneable centre is just 100 ft from the seashore, and is raised-up on stilts, in order to create under-building parking facilities. OrbisEnergy offers panoramic sea views and to safeguard against harsh seashore conditions, OrbisEnergy features permeable rain screen cladding, and is designed to shade occupants from bright coastal sunshine. Further features include the latest communication and Internet links, WI-FI, plus security gating and CCTV for peace of mind.

This state of the art building utilizes solar thermal heating with the concrete sub-structure reducing year-round temperature fluctuations and therefore making the building energy efficient and self-regulating. The power for the building amazingly comes from a locally sourced woodchip biomass boiler.

OrbisEnergy is designed to BREEAM (Build Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method) standards, reflecting its low environmental impact. OrbisEnergy will become a massive catalyst for growth, and play a vital part in further regenerating Lowestoft and the surrounding areas.

If you are a business that is exited about the possibility or having your company or organisation located at the OrbiseEnergy renewable energy centre then please click here for a prospectus.