Information about Lowestoft

Lowestoft is a historic and now a very exiting and progressive town situated to the north east of the shire of Suffolk. The population is around 70,000 inhabitants and growing.

Lowestoft started to boom in the 19th century, with the arrival of Sir Samuel Morton Peto. He single handily brought about a huge change in Lowestoft’s fortunes. Sir Samuel first started by building a rail link between Lowestoft and Norwich, as well as links with other towns soon after. He then developed the Lowestoft harbour and provided mooring for 1,000 boats. This then gave a massive boost to trade with the continent and beyond. Sir Peto also established Lowestoft as a flourishing seaside holiday resort.

After the decline of the fishing industry, tourism became and still is the number 1 industry in Lowestoft, with well over 1 million tourists coming to Lowestoft every year. With beautiful beaches, many tourist attractions, Europe’s largest air show, World Power Boat Racing, Lattitude festival near by, there are many reasons why people continue to visit Lowestoft.

The other major industry in Lowestoft after the decline of fishing has always been the north sea oil & gas industries, which will now be complemented by the emerging renewable energy boom. The arrival of the all new OrbisEnergy centre at Ness Point, will spark the dawn of a new age in Lowestoft illustrious history. This are exiting times for Lowestoft as the OrbisEnergy centre will mark Lowestoft as the renewable energy capital of the UK.

Essentially Lowestoft is a lovely place, full of stiff-upper-lipped residents who have stuck together through the hard and the good times and are now once again looking forward to reaping the coming rewards of the energy sector.