What to do with Ness Point?

Well…….. What to do with Ness Point? This has been a question asked many times in the history of Lowestoft and it is one that we here at the ‘official Ness Point website’ hope can be finally answered and actioned upon in the near future.

The development of the OrbisEnergy Centre and the earlier erection of Gulliver, has marked a new dawn in Ness Points history as there needs to be something more than just the Euroscope to please visiting tourists as well as the townsfolk’s fishermen, bird watchers & walkers.

We can understand that the local council could view any developments at Ness Point as a costly project, but Ness Point cannot be viewed in this way. The importance to the Town for its many claims of the….. “most easterly church”, “most easterly cafe”, “most easterly road” and “most easterly town”, all stem to the very most easterly point, the Ness Point. This is why there should be investment in this small piece of the British Isles as there is no point actively promoting the fact that Lowestoft is the most eastlery town if Ness Point itself is not in as as good as it could be.

This page is therefore dedicated to making suggestions for the possible development of Ness Point. Please make you comment using our contact page and we will then upload each comment to this page.


How about… NESS-FEST 2018, the UK’s first renewable energy powered music festival. Here local bands and performers can entertain the Lowestoft residents, in what would be Lowestoft’s most easterly festival. Suggested by Sharp Darts Digital Media, the official Ness Point Website Owners.

How about… A Skatepark, where Lowestoft’s skating fraternity can bust out some moves as well as it also acting as a highly popular tourist attraction? Suggested by Darren Skol, in Lowestoft.

How About… Some Comfortable Seating, there should be some comfortable seating at Ness Point so that when townsfolk and tourists alike come to Ness Point they can sit down and relax or have a picnic and enjoy the views out to sea and perhaps have a photo taken. Suggested by Joyce Mann, in Lowestoft.

How about… At least a sign or something you can have a photo taken next to! The Euroscope is a nice addition but being flat to the floor it’s not great for photos. Suggested by Mike and Michelle Baxter, in Oulton Broad.